Investment Philosophy

Our responsibility to manage client investments with care and diligence is driven by the intention of achieving our client’s investment goals.

Investment goals can only be achieved when a portfolio achieves regular positive returns that compound over time.

Positive compounding is the result of proper identification and management of risks that an investment is exposed to.

Our investment philosophy is built on a clear set of investment beliefs and principles.

Investments Beliefs

Employment of Multiple Managers

Combining different complementary managers in one portfolio has the potential to outperform single managers on a risk adjusted return basis over time. This can be achieved through a careful manager selection process that aims to construct portfolios that underwrites our investment principles. A deep understanding of what the core skills of managers are and which of those skills can be blended with others enhances the probability of achieving our investment mission.

Active Management

Active management forms the core of our investment belief system and passive strategies are seen as a satellite strategy complementary to active management. We further believe that manager skill is a scarce commodity but certainly available given one has the ability to identify and blend it with other skilled managers.

Traditional and Alternative Investments

We believe the optimal portfolio is created when traditional investments are blended with alternative investments. Low beta alternative exposure combined with a higher beta traditional exposure offers true diversification benefits. The diversification between strategies on the alternative side in conjunction with the diversification between asset classes on the traditional side further enhances the diversification benefit aspired upon.

Investment behavioural Biases

The knowledge and the management of behavioural biases play an integral part of the way we construct our portfolios. The portfolio construction process aims to increase the predictability of returns. The intention is to reduce the risk of unpredictable investor behavior.

Investment Principles


We are independently positioned in relation to all the functions and service providers involved regarding the construction of our portfolios. We regard our objective decision making process as the most important part of our value proposition supported by real results.

Relevant with integrity

Investment solutions should be relevant to what client’s really need. We are focused on providing solutions that are truly diversified and constructed with our client needs in mind. Our solutions are dynamically managed with the intention to underwrite our investment beliefs with integrity with every step of the process.

Cost Effective

We believe that truly diversified multi manager portfolios can be constructed in a cost effective way. The importance of negotiating better fee structures and terms on behalf of our clients is an important priority for us. We are not big brand conscious when it comes to manager selection; we are only after what is best for our clients from a manager selection and fee paid for service point of view. We also believe in building strong relationships with service providers that share our vision of putting clients first and making clients pay for what a service is really worth.